TEAJA was founded in 2013 by a team of successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the food and tea industry with the common goal to advocate for health and wellness. Our team includes North America’s most awarded in-house Tea Master with over 18 years of blending experience who has been working globally with the world’s finest tea producers to develop a masterfully created line of superior quality organic loose leaf teas.
We pride ourselves on providing the best quality teas, and we firmly believe in the farm to cup approach while actively supporting organic agriculture. This belief led us to travel all over the globe to source the finest ingredients by partnering with organic tea gardens in 27 countries. All our products are 100% Organic, and free of toxic chemicals, fillers and artificial flavourings.


TEAJA Office is a line of organic loose leaf teas developed for distribution by Office Service Professionals

  • 100% Organic, loose leaf teas and herbal blends
  • Grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides
  • Sourced directly from 23 organic tea gardens around the world
  • Carefully selected and blended by North America’s most awarded in-house Tea Master
  • Ethical and sustainable business practices


TEAJA Office partners with OCS, Vending and Water Companies seeking innovative ways to:

  • Increase sales within their existing customer base
  • Attract new customers
  • Generate new sales channels
  • Increase revenue and profit margins
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Trend set, innovate and differentiate
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